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Looking to invest in listed global tech brands?

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About Us

ShiftAltCap was founded 5 years ago with the vision of enabling high net worth investors decide wisely on their investments. Over the past 5 years, we have helped investors and families discover high-return opportunities (25%+ annualised returns) in global equity markets and early stage businesses. Founded by practitioners with decades of experience, we are driven by long-term gains for our clients in innovative technology-first businesses.



Global tech brands you’ll ever need to own

Focused on delivering delta returns via curated investments in disruptive innovation companies based on TAM, Traction and disruptive EBITDA; using SAC’s unique methodology to evaluate innovation & disruption.


Investments are spread across the entire value chain. From raw commodities and supporting infrastructure, to end value-adding companies



New-world essentials you always need to own

Leverages those commodities, real estate, products and companies which are in use regardless of the economic & political climates i.e. Water Resources, Healthcare Equipment, open-air shipping malls, etc. The investments are diversified across geographies and asset classes in order to de-risk investors without compromising on returns.

Our Global Stacks

Benefits of Investing in Stacks

How to Invest in Stacks?


Open an account with ShiftAltCap. This will automatically create an account with a US based brokerage company like DriveWealth.



Fund the brokerage account by making an international remittance via your bank account to the said brokerage account number you receive upon opening your account. Per RBI, you can invest $250,000 p.a. under LRS scheme.



Upon funding the brokerage account, the amount will be seen as investable in your wallet. Go ahead an invest with confidence in our stacks! Liquidate and withdraw funds back to your bank account at click of few buttons.


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