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Investment 101: An investor's guide to managing the recent market volatility

The investment world has been through several vicious cycles in the last two years. The pandemic, foreign wars, and other global events led markets to turn topsy-turvy. Given the rapid fluctuations, investors adapted to ad hoc investing. As the markets started showing positive growth, they invested, and as it started going on a downward slope, they ejected their investments.

While the ad hoc investing might have protected the capital for some investors, it led to diminishing returns. Many institutional investors pulled out large sums of money during the onset of the pandemic and have been waiting for the right time to invest their money. Retail investors, too, have shown similar patterns and have been sitting on piles of cash.

With dormant capital, investors are missing out on investment opportunities that present themselves amongst the market headwinds. Here are a few investment monitoring hacks that can help investors make the most of global headwinds.

Trust your long-term investments

Historically, markets have shown a higher bounce-back rate after any adverse changes. The speed of recovery is almost unparalleled once the dark clouds lift. Such resilient nature of markets is almost forgotten by investors when the storms hit. However, it is during such times that investors must remember the working of market cycles and refrain from making impulsive decisions.

It is wise to lock in medium to long-term investments without reacting to market conditions. Most of the time, the chances of long-term investments yielding attractive returns are hardly compromised.

Expand your horizons

Many investors think that sticking to the basics and traditional means of investment during market downturns is the best solution to losses. The reality is, however, far from this. Staying too conservative in times of crisis may often bring huge losses and risks. To combat market cycles influenced by global events, investors need to step out of their comfort zones to combat market cycles influenced by global events.

One of the best ways to explore newer opportunities is to explore international markets. Oil, gold, and the dollar drive international markets and have shown stronger resilience than domestic markets. Geographical diversification and asset allocation derisk your portfolio and protect against the market's ups and downs while maintaining profitability.

Our financial experts at ShiftAltCap found that the average three-year CAGR of global investments falls between 24%-32%.

Use market cycles to diversify smartly

The downward slope of stock prices is not bad news all the time. It can be good news for many investors looking to diversify. Markets act in cycles and prices hitting low means they will only go up after they have hit the lowest. When prices plunge low, investors have the opportunity to buy at the lowest possible price for the stocks.

Many investors can use this as an opportunity to buy expensive stocks of cash-rich companies. Extreme price fluctuations are not always alarms of concern but could be an opportunity to earn higher returns.