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Invest in Startups

Maximize returns on tech based startup investments by investing in early stage as against IPOs. Per Nasscomm data released, India added the second highest number of unicorns globally in 2020 and you don’t want miss the wave. We bring you carefully selected, tech based, early stage start-ups in India & US.


2% Startup selection rate: Over 1,000 startups evaluated, with 20 shortlisted

Rs. 100+ Cr raised

90%+ success rate on startups curated

Key metrics

Our investors have earned in multiples on their investments in our Startups.

Enabling investments in disruptive Startups

Our startup evaluation process ensures we bring you opportunities to invest in new age technology focussed companies pivoted on themes such as Artificial Intelligence, Drone Technology, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data among others. Only 2% of the startups that approach us make it through our curation process and > 90% of them have been successful

Demystifying investing in startups

At ShiftAltCap, we understand the key challenges in early stage investing - how choosing to invest between an Oyo or Stayzilla for that matter can be extremely non obvious, time consuming and frustrating - and above all, how that can dampen early stage investing efficiency. In our experience and research, curation is the absolute key to solving this problem.


Product Market Fit, Timing, Ecosystem

An idea before its time is worse than a bad idea


Founders and their grit

With all other things being equal, always bet on the jockey to take a good idea and make it better


Ability to pivot and adapt to meet customer needs

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change


Adoption vs Burn Rate, Unit Economics and Valuations

As sustainable growth becomes the new mantra, investors are no longer satisfied with just the overall projection of a business

Startups Funded

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