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Global Investment Portfolios

A theme based bouquet of instruments and equities of global businesses, publicly listed on New York Stock Exchange. It

  • Is created with mathematical precision using Kelly’s criteria

  • Comprises all 4 asset classes viz. equities, bonds, commodities & real estate trusts

  • Enables significantly low/negative correlations within the bouquet

  • Delivering lower risk and higher returns

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Advantages Of Global Investing

Global Investing has proven to have the below advantages in contrast to portfolios that are heavily India focussed

Supernormal profits

50% > Market Return


your investment strategy


yet fully liquid

Single click

with auto rebalancing

Insured & Multi Asset

to protect & preserve capital

Tax support

to manage US & Indian taxes

Investment themes


For the investor who believes in tapping into the opportunity of tech businesses that have the potential to grow several times faster than global economies.

CAGR % Returns (INR)


Performance Stats

3 years as of Oct'2022

Performance Vs Benchmark S&P500


Minimum investment

USD 1000


For the investor who wants to ensure that their portfolios are not influenced by economic cycles and will survive the test of economic shocks.

CAGR % Returns (INR)


Performance Stats

3 years as of Oct'22

Performance Vs Benchmark S&P500


Minimum investment

USD 1000

Get started few simple steps


Sign up using email & mobile number, verified via OTP


Upload KYC documents, Photo & address ID along with a selfie through the app


Account approved in 20 mins


Fund your account online. Takes about 2 days to transfer funds


All set to invest in global markets

Ready to maximize your Investments?

Want to invest in our Global Stacks?

Want to
invest in Startups?

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