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Shift to New Investment Asset Classes with a significantly better risk return profile

For Investors: Global Portfolios, Startups 

For Founders: Thought Partnership, Scaling up

200+ person years of relevant experience in investment management and building startups

Bringing highly curated and dynamically managed investment opportunities to Investors

We specialise in identifying startups/early stage businesses that leverage the power of :

a) Technologies of the 4th IR

b) Innovative business models

c) In domains ripe for disruption through innovation

Compound Annualized returns on global investments; 50% higher than benchmark

startups evaluated rigorously to identify needle in the haystack

capital preservation over last 3 years on global investments

success rate on startups curated; Rs. 100+ Cr raised

What we offer

We offer curated Global and Startup investing opportunities for the Indian Investor

Global Investment Portfolios

We offer two portfolios - 'AllInTech' and ‘AllEssentials’. Our portfolios are curated keeping in mind the most significant drivers of our times viz. Innovative next-gen technologies, and consumer essential needs. The portfolios have been built keeping scientific principles in mind, and carry a low to moderate risk profile. They have generated 16%-30% compound annualised returns making them the perfect investment opportunity.

Invest in

We bring highly curated Startup Investing opportunities to enables Indian and NRI investors earn a return in multiples instead of a percentage. We carefully select these tech driven startups in India & USA, work with their founders as thought partners, and help them grow rapidly thus enabling investors to gain. We have raised Rs. 100+ Cr in startup funding with >90% success rate stemming from our deep curation approach.

Our team of heavy lifters.

Founded by practitioners with 200+ person years  of experience, we are driven by long-term gains for our clients in innovative technology-first businesses.

Our advisory committee 

What Clients Say

"It is not every day that you are shown investment opportunities in existing profitable businesses, that deliver returns in multiples instead of percentages. ShiftAltCap is one of those rare professional investment firms who finds you that needle in the haystack.Anurag, the CEO, deeply understands each business they curate, and carefully builds synergies with investors in such businesses to create a win-win value proposition - I am thrilled with the results I have got with my investments in PSL."

~ Neelesh, NB Ventures

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